Friday, June 8, 2018

Dallman & Cooper pics

I had a recent visitor who brought along some of the photos that he had taken in Fond du Lac over the years.  Here is a sample of the pictures that Norm Lenburg has taken....these are from the day after the Dallman and Cooper fire downtown Fourth St. in 1964

Monday, May 7, 2018

old pictures

I am still busy going through our photo collection at the historical society, and love looking at old pictures.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to find interior photos of local businesses.  Those photos are seldom taken.   Many people in early days would take a picture of the outside of the building, but an interior view is scarse to find.

What follows are some neat pictures that I found today.
West's Ice and Cold Storage

Steffen's Bar, St. Peter

Downtown Ripon

Bittner's, Mt. Calvary

Brickles Tavern, Fond du Lac

Hotel Calumet

General Store, Ripon

Ripon parade

Main St., Theresa  (photographer added the trolley)

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Factory pics G&L

Found some interesting photos that show the interior of Giddings and Lewis in the early days, that I want to share.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Dotyville school 1955?

I love school pictures, especially when there are a few people who are identified in the pictures.  One of people who took my genealogy classes this spring, shared this picture of her classmates who attended school with her in Dotyville.  Can you help fill in the missing names?????

(left to right)  
front row:  Mary Loehr Salchert, JoAnn Krug King, Judy Ditter Guilfoile;
second row: unknown, Monica Lefeber, Mary Wettstein Krug, Joanne Braun, Joanne Reinhardt;
third row: Judy Meyer, Mary Basler, ? Drolshagen, Rosemary Huberty;
fourth row: Mildred McCrory, unknown, ? McCrory?, ? Lefeber?;
back row: Joanne Leonard Schrage, Barbara Ditter?, Joyce Pipping Kremer, Mary Huberty, Marjorie Loehr.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Blanks supper club

When I saw this photo, I just had to share.

Blanks Supper Club before fire
left - Ottmar Stephany
middle ?
right - Hime Stephanie

Pool table cover lifted with ropes
left side door - Ottmars Barber Shop
Right side door - dining room
line on ceiling to keep score

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Another Discovery

I thought that I was pretty well past the day of surprises. I am in Year five of my work at the historical society. The first two years were spent opening boxes, looking at just what it was donated to the Historical Society Library.  No one can research history, if you don't know the contents of the library. After going through most of the holdings, there was only one archive room that I had not completely explored.......the closet in the newspaper room.

This closet is full of rolled up maps and blueprints......and there was always something more important to do, than label old blueprints.

Monday, with my trusty volunteer keeping me organized, we decided to finally explore that room.

All of our archives rooms are similar....shelves along the walls, and a table in the middle of the room, to work on.

The newspaper room had one problem......people kept finding things elsewhere, and just piled them on the center table.  Our first job was to clear everything off the table, so that we would have a clear surface to work on.   In the center of the table, was a large cardboard box.......opening it up, I found it completely full of photo negatives, still in the original photo envelope from the store that developed the film.   What was this??????  I discovered that each envelope had the name of a bride and groom and a date written on it...........these hundreds of envelopes were those of a professional photographer who took wedding pictures in the 1980’s.........

Now, the HUGE job ahead of me, is to create an index!!!!  I actually saw one bride name for someone that I used to work with!  What a surprise!  What a fabulous discovery!  What a lot of work ahead.

But my day was not over.

After clearing off the table, we discovered that there were two large cardboard boxes stacked by the closet, and so I decided to check out those boxes before tackling the closet.  We were labeling and let's finish the boxes before we tackle the blueprints.

One of the boxes contained a very heavy old leather book, wrapped in archival paper to keep the dust out.  The outside was labeled as containing a book from a Title and Abstract Company of Chicago, with an added note that there were some Fond du Lac people named in the book.......

There was also a note that the spine of the book had  a label  E S Bragg.

I really became curious.....just what was this old leather book.   It appeared to be a typical record book of the time...the first pages in the book were an alphabetical index to the contents.  The balance of the book concerned court cases, listing several counties including Dodge, Fond du Lac and Washington Counties.

What I was holding, was a log book for a lawyer, showing each case he was working on, and dates when he received or sent out paperwork regarding that specific case.

This was none other than General Bragg's court case book, showing the cases he was working on, work he did on the case and expenses he incurred for that case.

This gem is no longer stuffed away in the newspaper room archives.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Fond du Lac Carnival and Fair 1901

1901 saw a large festival and street fair adorn Main Street in August of that year.  For four days, from Aug. 27 thru 30th, 1901  Main Street was festooned with decorations, attractions and activities.
Thousands of people converged on the city for the events, which featured parades morning and night, band concerts, horse racing, fireworks and dances.

Recently I came across a collection of photos of these activities, and the feature decoration  that made this time memorable, was the arches that were placed over Main St. and Forest Ave.

Most of the retail stores on Main Street created extra decorations for the street in front of their store, for this occasion.