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Rosendale in 1913

This is one of a series of articles published in 1913 in the Fond du Lac reporter, regarding the histories of the many villages in the county.


Village is good marketing center and heads of various business houses cater to constantly increasing patronage  -  Banks, Creamery, Stores, Elevators, and other Institutions operated there.


Community is center for shipping of large amounts of stock, dairy products and other things weekly –
has many fraternal societies of its own – also home of insurance company

Rosendale lies in the center of one of the richest farming communities in this section of the state, and signs of prosperity among the tillers of the soil prevail on all sides.  The village has near its boundaries, some of the largest stock farms in the state.  The herds on these farms not only have a state reputation, but throughout the world as well and the owners are well known in this and other states as expert authorities on matters pertaining to this important branch of agriculture.  More will be said in this elsewhere in this write-up.

The village is a good marketing center and the merchants aim to cater to the wants of the farming community thereby winning their patronage quite extensively.  Practically every line of business is represented in the village.

The State Bank

The Rosendale State bank was organized in 1902 with a capital stock of $15,000.  Ever since its organization the annual reports of the bank have shown a lucrative business.  Good dividends have been paid annually.  The surplus fund and profits amount to $11,000 and the average amount of the deposits is $175,000.  The bank building is a two story brick structure.  The lower floor is used for banking purposes while the upper story is arranged for offices or living rooms.  General banking, insurance and conveyance are the matters given attention by the institution.  The officers are President; W. J. Gillett; vice president, L. A. McKnight; cashier, J. R. Hatch; bookkeeper and clerk, Arthur Henning.  The officers together with Frank Lawson, Leroy Duel and C. E. McCumber form the board of directors.

Village Newspaper

The village has a weekly newspaper which is published by the E. L. Howe Printing Company of Ripon.  Although the paper has no printing home in the village there is considerable interest taken in the publication by the people of the village and vicinity.  Local representatives look after the news and the publishers also make weekly trips to Rosendale to promote the best interests of the publication.

Creamery Business

One of the important industries of Rosendale is the J. J. Greil Butter and Egg company with headquarters at Johnson Creek, Wis., and which has operated the creamery here for the past fifteen years.  During four years the creamery has been in charge of Arthur Oestreich.  Situated as it is in the center of a rich dairying center the institution does an exceedingly large business in the manufacture of butter.  Cottage cheese and casine are also products of the factory.  The company has sub-skimming stations and every morning wagons gather the cream from the stations and the farmers who do their own separating.  In connection with the creamery, the company has a large business.  The ice stored therein is harvested on the Eldorado pond.

Hardware Merchant

The village hardware merchant is A. Bluenke, who deals in general hardware, farm implements and tinware.  He also has the agency for the Ford and Hupmobile automobiles and conducts a garage in connection with the hardware business.  His sons, H, A., L. E. and O. R. Bluemke, assist him in his duties, the latter being in charge of the garage.  Mr. Bluemke has been in business for ten hears and two years ago erected a new building.
Bluemke's Store and Garage

Weishoff Grist Mill

The grist mill is owned by A. F. Weishoff.  Feed grinding is his specialty which demands almost the entire attention of the owner.  He has been here eight years, and is well known by all in the community as he formerly resided upon a farm and also made West Rosendale his home.

McKnight Drug Store

L. A. McKnight and company are the proprietors of a drug store and also carry a line of groceries, paints, oils and wall paper.  Me. McKnight formerly conducted the drug business alone but eight years ago the present firm was established and the grocery business was added at that time.  H. O. Lengeison is associated with Mr. McKnight, who is a former resident of both Oakfield and Fond du Lac.  He is a graduate of the Northwestern College of Pharmacy of Chicago, being a member of the class of 1894.

General Stores

One of the general stores is owned by W. H. Moon, who came to the village seven years ago from Ashland and purchased the business of Otto Budahn.  He carries a complete line of groceries, dry goods, crockery, gents' furnishing, shoes and notions.  He enjoys a good trade and the business is increasing yearly.

C. E. McCumber is also engaged in the general merchandise business carrying a good assortment of wares generally found in a store of this kind.  He has resided here over twenty years and for about fifteen years has followed his present trade.  Until three years ago he was located on the town of Springvale side of the village.  He now occupies the lower floor of the Masonite building.

Postoffice Department

Mr. McCumber is the village postmaster, the office being located in his general store.  One rural route leads out of the village and is known as route number 10.  The carrier is E. J. Ballard.

Harness Shop

C. D. Nellis has the only harness shop in the village.  He came here from Ripon and has been active at his present trade, almost continuously since a boy of thirteen years.  He carries a full line of driving and heavy harnesses and all kinds of supplied necessary for the business. He also does harness and shoe repairing.  He has been here for three years and is located on the Springvale side.

The Meat Market

J. K. Harmer and G. H. Balcom are the proprietors of the meat market having been engaged in the business at their present stand for a number of years.  They deal in fresh and salt meats and fish.  They do their own slaughtering.

Village Restaurant

Frank Stindt is now proprietor of the village restaurant and bakery, having purchased the business from F. Smith this fall.  A line of confectionery is carried and ice cream parlors are conducted in connection with the business.

Hostelry is Conducted

The village hotel is now under the supervision of Mrs. A. F. Young who has had charge of the business since the death of Mr. Young about one year ago.  Special attention is given to the transient trade and automobile parties.  A livery is also operated in connection with the hostelry.

Photographer's Gallery

The village also boasts of a photographer's shop which is in charge of C. A. Hinderman, who owns a studio at Omro.  Mr. Hinderman makes regular visits to the village.

Residential area

The Blacksmiths

Wm. Gransee, who has been a resident of the village for a number of years and who is well known throughout the community, is one of the village blacksmith.  He has been engaged in business for many years.  He gives prompt attention in general blacksmithing and horseshoeing. 

The other blacksmith shop in the village is conducted by Albert Straws who has been at the trade six years and who recently purchased the business he is now in at Rosendale.  General blacksmithing and wagon repairing are his lines.  He is well pleased with the business outlook and intends adding farm machinery to his line in the future.

Saloons in Springvale

The saloons of the village are located on the town of Springvale side.  F. W. Dehm bought the business formerly owned by Mr. Peatrick and has been here since last spring.  He handles Waupun beer.  His former home was Green Lake.  The other saloon is owned by Carl Mueller who has been in the village six years.  Pool rooms are operated in connection with the saloons.

Barber Shop

M. P. Wescott in the proprietor of the village tonsorial shop.  His former home was in Ripon.  For the past two and a half years he has been at Rosendale.  He has been engaged at this trade for a quarter of a century.  He  also has a pool hall in the village.

Practices Medicine

Dr. M. M. Scheid is the village physician.  He has a large practice in the village and surrounding community.  He is also connected with the high school faculty.

Insurance Company

The Rosendale Fire Insurance company is an old and reliable concern.  Iit has been in business many years and is writing insurance in the following townships:  Rosendale, Eldorado, Friendship, Springvale and Lamartine.  Leroy Duel of Fond du Lac is president and A. Marchant of Rosendale, secretary and treasurer. 

street scene, Rosendale

Fire Department

After several fires which could not be extinguished by means of a bucket brigade the residents of Rosendale resolved to organize a fire department.  The proposition met with instant favor and in due time the organization was completed.  Later popular subscriptions furnished the necessary fire apparatus and also a fire house in which to keep it.  Cisterns have been established in various localities of the village which furnish the water needed for fighting fire purposes.

Telephone Company

The Rosendale Telephone company has been in business for a number of years.  It operates a local exchange in Rosendale and also has several rural lines.  Several hundred phones have been installed.  Long distance telephone connections have also been established.

Lumber Yard

There is much activity about the depot as surrounding it are the lumber yard, elevator and a large stock enclosure.  The lumber yards are owned by A. Salisbury, who deals in all kinds of lumber, lath, shingles, cement, lime, brick, posts and fuel.  He has been in the business for eight years and has built up a very profitable patronage.  A very noticeable improvement has just been completed, a building 24 by 175 having been erected to be used for lumber sheds, warehouses and offices


The village has two elevators, but only one is in operation at present.  This is owned by the Lytle-Stoppenback company of Milwaukee.  The company has been in business here for a number of years and buys and ships all kinds of grain.  The elevator is under the management of F. C. Ferch, who has been a resident of Rosendale for many years.


The stockbuyers of the village are George Dodd and T. Morgan.  They are heavy shippers and buy stock in a territory covering a large radius surrounding the village.  Mr. Morgan ships on Wednesdays while his competitor ships on Mondays.

Station Agent

L. J. Close is the station and express agent.  The American Express company serves the people of this village and vicinity.  Mr. Close is a busy man as there is considerable grain and stock shipping done from the village besides the regular line of freight.

Churches and Schools

Rosendale has three churches.  The Methodist  church has for its pastor Rev. S. Shaver, a graduate of Lawrence college, Appleton.  This village at one time was included in the Brandon charge but has had a resident pastor during the last year.  Rev. C. M. Good is pastor of the Congregational church and Rev. K. E. Behrens is in charge of the Lutheran church.

The Rosendale high school building is a two story frame building with a spacious basement.  It is a four year course school.  Alfred Sutherland, son of Attorney D. D. Sutherland of Fond du Lac is the principal.  Miss Eva Roske is assistant principal.  Dr. M. M. Scheid also acts as an assistant and gives instructions in physiology.  Irene Haberkorn is in charge of the grammar department while Misses Alta Vollbreicht and Mary Terrill are in Charge of the intermediate and primary departments respectively.  The members of the board of education are Chas. Hill, L. A. McKnight and Frank Lawson.
Rosendale High School
Fraternal Societies

The following fraternal societies have lodges at Rosendale:  The Masons, Odd Fellows, Rebekahs and Eastern Star.  The Masons and Odd Fellows own their own halls.  The Odd Fellows hall also contains the opera house.  The officers of the Odd Fellows are Amos Thayer, Noble Grand and A. C. Perry, secretary.  J. R. Hatch is Master of the Masons and A. W. Marchant, secretary.

Township Officials

The village lying in two townships gives it two different sets of officers as its governing body.  The officers of the town of Springvale are T. J. Madigan, chairman; A. H. Bluemke and Albert Nest, supervisors; John Pettit, clerk; Jno. Heesen, treasurer; J. Shafer, assessor.  The following serve for the town of Rosendale; George Hyde, chairman; Wm. Bartz and R. A. Whitney supervisors; W. T. Hoyt, clerk; Archie Morgan; treasurer and V. Brown, assessor.

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Hungry for History/Urban Fuel - History of Peebles

Monday , March 21

Hungry for History/Urban Fuel - History of Peebles

The History of Peebles - Presented by Jacob Kroll The inaugural presentation of the FCHS Hungry for History series will cover the early history of a charming community located just east of Fond du Lac--Peebles. The town was named after its founder Ezra Peebles. Mr. Peebles was among the early pioneer settlers in Fond du Lac County. He grew up in a small New York town and was neighbors with Governor Doty, whom he would later be neighbors with at Taycheedah. When he arrived in Fond du Lac County, much of the area was undeveloped and still inhabited by Native Americans. Over the years, he bought much of the land in Taycheedah, his property stretching from the Niagara Escarpment to Lake Winnebago. The forest was cleared and converted into a successful farm and cheese factory. As time passed, the Fond du Lac and Sheboygan Railroad had a station placed at Peebles. Mr. Peebles, who was instrumental in having the station placed there, was the namesake for this station. The town continued to grow with a post office, general store, and feed mill added. Over one hundred years since its establishment, Peebles' prosperity continues to flourish. The quaint town is well-known for its picturesque views, shops, and restaurants.

LOCATION: Urban Fuel and Company, N7645 Peebles Lane, Fond du Lac, WI 54937
ADMISSION: $24 Per Person - Register Online, Easy Payment Online or Register and Print Your Receipt and Pay at the Door

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Taylor Park in 1955

Just found some photo negatives, and thanks to my wonderful volunteer Todd Goggins, got these negatives scanned in to look at the images.   These photos are dated July 24, 1955.

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Scenes from High Cliff in 1906

Received another little box of goodies yesterday, with some very old photos......and the wonderful thing about these photos, is that most of them were LABELED!

"Camping trip around Lake Winnebago Aug. 1906.
High Cliff
Sail boat (Comfort) anchored 1/4 mile out on the lake.
Picture taken from top of ledge"

"East Shore between Calumet Harbor and Stockbridge Aug. 22, 1906
Ferd Hill with big knife, and link of bologne
Fred Puls and Joe Kent standing near tent
Tony Kraemer setting near the oil stove.
We camped here for the night before going to High Cliff."

"High Cliff Aug. 1906
Pretty scene, between the rocky ledge"

[note:  that's a bridge in the topbackground]

"High Cliff stone quarry Aug 1906
Trip around the lake on sailboat (Comfort)"

[note: it's difficult to see online, but stop in the library to see the original, and you can see the men and a wagon in the bottom of the quarry.]

Thank you to the Ferd Hill descendants for donating these and other photos and books to the 
Fond du Lac County Historical Society.

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Pier farm?

I just received a donation of papers that were retrieved long ago, from the Pier House, once located on South Main St. and demolished in 1978.

These papers appear to be from Colwert Pier and his wife Kate Hamilton Pier.  There was a family photo album (mostly unlabeled photos) but some labeled as photos of Kate H Pier or Harriet Pier (daughters of Kate H Pier).   Yes, this family is all tangled with names.  TWO Colwert Piers, TWO Kate Hamilton Piers, it's difficult to keep them straight.  Then add the fact that Kate H. Pier, the younger, decided to go to law school, and her mother decided to do the same, so they both graduated from law school...same name, Poor law school, to keep track of the older Kate vs. the younger Kate.

These two farm pictures were part of the collection just received.

Edward Pier received 160 acres of land from The Fond du Lac Company. It was located on what is now Main Street, and was bordered on the north by what is now called The Dutch Gap. Edward expanded his farmland with his own private purchases in several other locations.  

While Edward's farmstead was located on Pioneer Road, he obviously sold a portion of this land to his son and daughter-in-law, Colwert and Kate Hamilton Pier, who built the Pier House about the year 1880.

This photo shows the reverse side of the farm, with a small ditch already showing in this picture. A closer inspection of the photo will show a house in the center of the photo, but a second house or log cabin appears on the right edge of the photo.  this white board fence can also be seen under the trees in the first photo.

While neither photo is labeled, their appearance among the Pier photos, and closer inspection of the photos makes it possible (but does not prove) that this could be the Pier farm, about ca 1880.

The original photos measure 8x10 and mounted on a thick baseboard.  They can be viewed at the Thornton Library.