Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The archives

It's been a bit since I have made any progress in familiarizing myself with all that this library contains.  I am now back on track, digging through material.
Just recently I received a key to the Adams House, so I can check out the "archives" .  The second floor of the Adams House contains material not currently on display in the Village, and one room is designated for library material.
My first attempt to look at the contents, made me think of a popular tv show, because I could only step a few feet into the room!
Yesterday I started clearing a path, opening boxes and cataloging the contents. I have yet to find any list of the library holdings, so I am making my own list as I go.
There is a full set of DAR Patriot Books, which probably belonged to Ruth Worthing.
I found a box of materials from the schools, and one item was a scrapbook from Cleveland School, which listed the names of their teachers from 1920 to 1959.
there was also a collection of record books from Lodge 357, of the brotherhood of railroad trainmen!
and this is just the start.
I plan on continuing my digging, and hopefully will have a full list of all of the library's holdings.
Stay tuned, as I make more discoveries.

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  1. It would be nice to add a photo of the Adams House to this post. Peggy