Monday, February 3, 2014

old schools

There are several photos of old county school buildings in the photo collection at the Fond du Lac County Historical Society, some of which are a puzzle, because they are unidentified.  If you know where any of these schools were located, or have an old photo of a school, I'd like to hear from you...

These first two pictures are simply labeled as the school by Ries Cemetery.  Well, I have searched and have not found any cemetery by that name in Fond du Lac county.  Could this be a mistake?  Perhaps the cemetery is in an adjoining county.  Note the front entrance roof, that has two different grades to the slope of the roof.  Very unique.

Unlabeled except for the date...

Where was this school?

This school has a bell tower!

Just a beautiful building!

This is a larger building, the bell tower is empty here!  Wish I could identify this school.

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