Monday, August 24, 2015

Old Lakeside Park

Few people loved Lakeside Park as much as Fond du Lac native Langdon Divers. He had a camera with him in the early 1920's, rode bikes around the lake in the summer, and went ice-boating in the winter.  Thanks to his collection of photos, we know that there were free swimming schools, and the swimming 'chute' was rebuilt after a summer storm. All of the following photos were taken in the early 1920's.

This is a photo of the first 'chute' built for swimmers into Lake Winnebago.

This photo shows the walkway leading to the chute.

Here Langdon took a shot of the walkway in the winter time. Dated Jan. 1925.

Who, but Langdon Divers, would take a camera to the top of the 60 foot chute, and take a picture of the actual chute as a friend obviously landed in the water. Dated July 12, 1921.

Another winter scene on the lake, showing a large ice-skating scene in 1922.

Ice boats on the lake by the chutes

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