Sunday, June 26, 2016

Gantners Tavern Christmas Party

It isn't every day that I receive a new photo at the historical society, let alone, one that has a picture of ME in it.  But I can remember with fondness, the Christmas party that we used to go to at Gantners Tavern, located on Highway 45, located just across the road from Goebel's dance hall on Lake DeNeveu.    One year, my mom made my sisters and I practice singing "Silver Bells" for a week,  and then when we went to the Christmas Party, my sisters and I sang this song for everyone.   I was very little then, but what I remember the most was that every child there received a brown lunch bag 'present' from Santa, which contained a popcorn ball and candy.   This was my first ever popcorn ball, and I was not sure what to do with it, and could not wait to get home to bite into it.
Here is our family photo, of my sisters and I singing at Gantners.  I do not know who played Santa, nor who was playing the accordian.  I'm the cute little one by Santa!  HA!

This week, I received additional pictures of this event, held every Christmas at Gantners.  This is a photo of all of the kids who attended one year. I am guessing that the year is 1951, based on my sister Sarah's age.

If you know the names of anyone pictured here, please let me know, and refer to the person number in the picture below.  In this photo, #3 = ? Reitz, #4 = David Reitz and #5 = Barbara Reitz;  #6= John Kovarik; 11, 12 and 21 are my sisters Barb, holding Sarah, and Peggy Reinhardt; 22 is me..Tracy Reinhardt, half hidden behind my sister Barb. #14 is Barbara Retzlaff, and half-hidden #15 is Judy Retzlaff.  I think 13 and 23 are Robert and Kenneth Tonn. #24 and 25 could be Pat Hensel and her sister.  Any help with the others would be wonderful. 

This second picture is of the same event, probably the next year.  a few more children involved, and some parents are in the background.  This picture is probably taken ca. 1952.

#21 and #30 are Diane and Peggy Reinhardt; #33 is my sister Sarah Reinhardt, and #37 is yours truly, Tracy Reinhardt. #6 is Mrs. Tonn, #11 is Mrs. Kowarik; #13 is Bernice Batterman; #22 is John Kovarik, #23 is Carol? Reitz,  #34 and 38 are Judy and Joan Kovarik.

Any help identifying anyone would be appreciated.

Thank you to Carol Reitz for the pictures.

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