Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Funeral Procession

Had someone loan me some photos to scan of a funeral procession.   The street appears to be Main St.,  and many old buildings that no longer exist.

Was able to zoom in and identify several businesses, which date this picture to be ca. 1910-1911.
J. L. Kern Shoe Hospital, Fraternal Hall, J. E. Sullivan Co., a laundry, and A. P. Fleischman groceries are all found in the 1910-1911 city directory.   The laundry was actually owned by Sun Wah, and his tombstone in Rienzi Cemetery is the only one there with Chinese characters on the tombstone.
The Red Dot in the photo is mine, placed so you can locate Division St. a little easier.  This is one of the few pictures that pre-date the Retlaw Hotel.

Finally discovered that this is the funeral procession for Fr. Keenan, of St. Patrick's Church. 

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