Thursday, August 10, 2017

label those photos!

Once in a while I stumble across a photo that is a real treasure........not because of the picture itself, but because of what is written on the back of the photo.

This photo of a large group of women, is filed in the Alto Township file.  What is the group?  I really don't have a clue, but when I flipped the photo over, there in all it's glory, is a list of the people in the photo.

and here is the back

The back reads:
Back row: 1. Mrs. John Prange, 2. Mrs. Dirk Dykstra, (Our Missionary in Arabia) 3. Mrs. Henry Bossenbroek, 4. Mrs. Albert Loomans, 5. Mrs. Rudolph Kastein, 6. Mrs. Harvey Kastein, 7. Mrs. Will Veleke, 8. Mrs. B. G. Vande Zande, 9. Mrs. Will Glewen from Mina, 10. Mrs. Mose Vande Zande, 11. Mrs. Frank Straks.
2nd row: Mrs. Will Wessels, Mrs. James Westerveld, Mrs. Henry Vander Bosch, Mrs Henry Boersen, Mrs. John Kemi, Mrs. Tom Neevel, Mrs. Aalt Schouten, Mrs. J. W. Kastein, Mrs. Henry Lemmenes, Mrs. Ed Bruins, Mrs. H. J. Pietenpol (in back of her is her daughter-in-law Henry's or Will's wife), Mrs. Matt Duven, Mrs. Lydia Ter Beest, Mrs. Dick Schouten, Mrs Matt Rens, Mrs. Dick Hartgerink, Mrs. Dores Kastein, Mrs. Manus Scholten, Mrs. Chris Boom (Bertha V.Z. mother) Mrs. Henry J. Bruins, in back of her is Mrs. Henry Veenendaal, Mrs. J. W. Westerveld, Mrs. Wm. Schouten, Mrs. J.H. Straks, Mrs. Manus Veleke.
3rd row: Mrs. Dick Mouw, Mrs. Henry Prange, Mrs. B.W. Glewen, Mrs. G. J. Hekhuis (his 2nd wife), Auntie Vande Ber (she lived with Mose V.Z.s), Mrs. Gerrit Te Beest, Mrs. Reyer Schouten, Mrs. Dirk Bruins, Mrs. Dirk Ter Beest, Mrs. J. W. Glewen, Mrs. Johannes Bruins Gr.Granpas 2nd wife, Mrs. Dirk Straks, 
Front row: Mrs. Anthony Boom from N.D., Mrs. Henry Veleke, Mrs. Ed Lemmenes, Mrs. Garrit Vande Bosch, Mrs. Bert Vossekuil, Mrs. J. G. Neevel, Mrs. Gerrit Vande Zande, Mrs. Aaron Hagens, Mrs. Chris Glewen, Mrs. J. H. Kastein, Mrs. Adolph Neevel, Mrs. Hattie Meenk, Child Gordon Vande Zande, Mrs. Ed Van Beek, Mrs. Jake W., Mrs Gerrit Damsteegt.

This picture was taken by Great Uncle Gerrit Vande Zande's place on Hwy. 49 (now Roger & Catherine Kasteins home). My mother A(g)nes Duven Vande Zande wrote this on May 6, 1953

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