Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Cleaning Starts

Finally started reorganizing the library.  I have to clean off the tops of all filing cabinets, so the cabinets can get moved.  Then, the library will get re-arranged to make room for an additional 8-10 filing cabinets, for the new probate records that are coming.
Jim G showed me the second floor of the Adams House, where I can store some of the overflow boxes of material, and I was overwhelmed by what I saw.....and excited.  Jim also showed me a lighted display cabinet that I could use in the library.  I want to rotate and display some of the material that I am finding, like the old cookbooks, old bibles donated to the society, and the old Sear-Roebuck catalogs, etc etc.
I can even get rid of the huge metal map cabinet, and replace it with the beautiful beautiful wooden one that I saw in the Adams House!
Lots of the books I went through today were old books about Wisconsin History, (i.e.  Laws passed by the Wisconsin Legislature in 1858....) and not really relative to Fond du Lac, and I think that some can be sold. My focus is to have the library primarily focused on Fond du Lac County.  I did find a neat old "homemaker" type of book, that had some empty pages in the center, where someone had written their own recipes.  I need to check this book out further.
Still lots of work to do here.

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