Monday, October 5, 2015

Eden-Ashford School District #4

Among the many old ledgers packed away in the library archives, is one volume relating to the expenses of running the local school.  The first entry is dated Dec 19, 1868, and is a payment to Miles Lytten of $5.00  for repairs.  Then on Dec 23, 1869 J. C. Divers is paid his teachers wages of $20.
On Feb. 4, 1869 J.C. Divers is paid $26 for teachers wages, and then on March 24, 1869 he is paid $174.35.

Further pages show expenses for 1892, and in this year  Genevieve Doyle is paid $129.00 for teachers wages.  They also paid $9 for a dictionary, and 20 cents for a box of chalk. A tin cup and dipper cost 30 cents.

In 1916 there must have been some work done on the building, because there are a lot of expenses for shingles, and labor for masonry work.

Quite a picture of what it took to operate a school, and how the many neighbors all participated in the upkeep of the building, as well as furnishing the wood to keep it heated.

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