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Hamilton in 1913

Many small communities in Fond du Lac county, were once thriving locations.  Thanks to a 1913 newspaper, (and my volunteer, John B.)  I have several articles about these communities, and their history.

see below for a transcription of this article.

These photos accompanied the article on Hamilton in the 1913 newspaper.

"Hamilton is a small hamlet about seven miles south of Fond du Lac on the Soo Line.  The main enterprise there is the plant of the Union Lime company whose headquarters are in Milwaukee. Besides the plant at Hamilton the company has five others which are located at the following places: Marblehead, High Cliff, Brillion, Grimm and Hayton.

The plant at Hamilton consists of five lime kilns, a stone crusher and a pulverizing machine. During the greater part of the year a force of fifty men is employed. The product of the lime kilns is shipped in large quantities to Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana besides many points within Wisconsin.

The pulverizing machine is used for the grinding of rock into fine material which is used for fertilizing purposes upon the lands in various  parts of the state. This has been somewhat of an experimental proposition but has produced very satisfactory results wherever used and has resulted in a greater demand for the product each year.

The product of the stone crusher is also extensively used. It is in great demand for concrete work and also for the construction and repairing of highways.

During the coming spring the company plans to install a large hoisting equipment which will be used for raising the stone to be manufactured into the products of the plant. the equipment will be operated by gasoline power.

Anderson is Manager

Louis Anderson is manager of the company's business at Hamilton while H. C. Anderson is the bookkeeper and has charge of the office.  The engineer of the plant is J. A. Hirst, formerly of Fond du Lac, and who at one time was in the employ of the Soo line at North Fond du Lac.

The only store in the place is under the supervision of J. A. Hirst who deals principally in groceries, notions and flour. He has been a resident of the place for the past five years.

The agent of the Soo line at Hamilton is G. A. Meyer who has served the company here for four years. He is also the postmaster, the office being in the depot. The express company serving this place is the Western, and its business is in charge of Mr. Meyer."

The Reporter, Dec. 16, 1913

The office building that was in the quarry, can still be seen today.  It is now used as the Photographer's Studio on the grounds of the Galloway House and Village.

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