Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Scenes from High Cliff in 1906

Received another little box of goodies yesterday, with some very old photos......and the wonderful thing about these photos, is that most of them were LABELED!

"Camping trip around Lake Winnebago Aug. 1906.
High Cliff
Sail boat (Comfort) anchored 1/4 mile out on the lake.
Picture taken from top of ledge"

"East Shore between Calumet Harbor and Stockbridge Aug. 22, 1906
Ferd Hill with big knife, and link of bologne
Fred Puls and Joe Kent standing near tent
Tony Kraemer setting near the oil stove.
We camped here for the night before going to High Cliff."

"High Cliff Aug. 1906
Pretty scene, between the rocky ledge"

[note:  that's a bridge in the topbackground]

"High Cliff stone quarry Aug 1906
Trip around the lake on sailboat (Comfort)"

[note: it's difficult to see online, but stop in the library to see the original, and you can see the men and a wagon in the bottom of the quarry.]

Thank you to the Ferd Hill descendants for donating these and other photos and books to the 
Fond du Lac County Historical Society.

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