Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Crescent Opera House and "Social" invitations

It takes a long time to sort through papers when a new donation is getting cataloged and indexed.  As always, there are plenty of surprises, including discovering this program from the Crescent Opera House, dated June 25, 1895.  This program comes from a new donation of papers that once belonged to Nan and Zirian Blish, of Fond du Lac, and their mother Martha Aldrich Blish. The Blish sisters resided in Beruit (then part of Syria) for several years ca. 1930.   Zirian Blish later taught at Goodrich High School.

The following "Social" invitations are part of a Blish scrapbook.  These show the many organizations and locations for social activities found in Fond du Lac in the 1870's.

Note:  The name Washington Fire Co. is a bit misleading.....it was in fact the Fond du Lac Fire Dept., and the members choose to name themselves after George Washington.  Almost all of the members of the fire department played a musical instrument.

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  1. Zirian Blish taught English and wrote Goodrich’s school song “ Dear Fondy High...”