Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fairbanks and Pinkerton Genealogies

New to the Thornton Library:

Descendants of John Pinkerton Sr. of Londonderry, New Hampshire - donated by Sue Williams.  This genealogy starts with John Pinkerton Sr., born ca. 1700 in Ireland, and his descendants, some of whom settled in Lamartine twsp., Fond du Lac co. WI.  This book contains original photos and clippings of descendants.

Descendants of Jonathan Fairbank through his son, George - donated by Sue Williams.  This genealogy starts with Jonathan Fairbank, of Dedham, Mass. born 1594 in Sowerby, Yorkshire, England.  This 3-ring binder includes original documents and photos, clippings of descendants who settled in Lamartine, WI.

One interesting item in this genealogy, is a photocopy of a document "found in the cornerstone of United Methodist Church Aug. 1989" and pertaining to the history of the Free Will Baptist Church of Waupun.
"(The original church building is still standing on the corner of Franklin and Madison Streets and is occupied by the Netherlands Reformed Church)"   Undated.

The document reads:

The Free Will baptist church of Waupun was organized July 22, 1855 by Elder Dunn, Jones, Curtis and others. The first meeting was held July 28, 1855 at the house of C. L. Loveland.  The house was built during the summer of 1856 by a committee elected by the church. 

The first meeting in the house was held July 12, 1856. the first pastor was C. H. Smith, succeeded by Revs. R. W. Bryant, E. N. Wright, H. J. Brown, L. D. Felt, A. G. Brande, J. H. Walrath, J. P. Hewes, and J. M. Kayser the present pastor.  

The first treasurer was John Sargent. the present treasurer is M. H. Wells.

The first deacon was Wm. Hudson, succeeded by C. L. Loveland, R. Case, L. Sperry and Ellis Whiting and Joseph Fairbank the present de[acon].

The first clerk was H. S. Baily succeeded by C. W. Morford, Eli Johnson, R. Peebles, Eli Johnson and J. Fairbank the present clerk.

The first trustees were H. Wedge, C. Q. Qouland, L. Loveland and C. M. Morford. Succeeded by John Sargent, W. Whiting, W. Sperry, E Sikes and Ellis Whiting, M. B. Johnson and J. Fairbank, the present trustees.

Dated Waupun July 15, 1889, Joseph Fairbank, Church clerk.

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