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Dundee in 1913

The Reporter in 1913 published feature pages on the history of the outlying villages in the county.  This is the next in a continuing series on those villages.


Dundee is a thriving village, it is situated in sections 25 and 26 of the township of Osceola, which is located in the southeastern part of the county. It is governed by the officers of the town who are as follows: Chairman W. L. Calvey; clerk George Twohig; treasurer H. Dins; assessor James Fuller. This township receives its mail service over two different rural routes via St. Cloud 42 and Campbellsport 34. The village of Dundee itself receives mail over the latter named route.

Pleasure seekers and summer resorters can find much in this vicinity for their comfort. There are ideal places here to spend the summer vacations and to get away from the busy whirl of city life and business activities. There are a number of lakes in the vicinity surrounded by picturesque scenery. The body of water most generally known and mentioned is Long Lake. That many take advantage of the splendid outing facilities and opportunities offered there is best shown by the number of summer cottages on the shores of the lake. A drive through this locality cannot but inspire one with the longings for such comforts and pleasures as abound in this region. Practically the whole route along the shores of the lake is a beautiful picture of the work of nature. The effects at all seasons of the year are such as fill all observers with a feeling of admiration.

In the village itself is to be found such business enterprises as are necessary to meet the wants of the settlers. There are also schools, churches and places for amusement.

General Stores

There are two general merchandise stores there. W. L. Calvey is the proprietor of one, having engaged in the present trade five years this fall. He has a complete line of all wares to be found in a store of this kind. Special attention has been given to the arrangement of the stock.

Chas. Jandrey is the proprietor of the other general store. His former home was in Neenah. He has located in the village for a number of years and has served as clerk of the township. His line of merchandise is complete in every particular and his stock of goods are neatly arranged.

Cheese Factory

The cheese factory is under the supervision of Charles Baetz, who has been located here for some time. The factory is operated the year round and on the average of about 5,000 pounds of milk is received daily.


The village has two blacksmith shops. General blacksmithing, horseshoeing and wagon repairing are given attention. The shops are conducted by Ernst Hegler, who came here recently from New Prospect and John Eggers. The latter also gives attention to automobile repairing.

Other Business Places

Henry Wittenberg conducts a saloon and pool room. He is also proprietor of a large hall in which dances are given throughout the year. The village has another saloon which is under the management of J. J. Mangan who has been here for the past two years. He is also proprietor of the Dundee Hotel.

Feed Mill

M. Shenk owns and conducts the feed mill. Grinding of feed is his general work, and he does an extensive business in this line.

Churches and Schools

Two churches are located there. The Lutheran church has for its pastor A. C. Appler, who has been in charge for one year. The other church which is of the Catholic denomination has the Rev. Fr. L. P. Kraus of Armstrong for its pastor.

A new school district has been organized here and a new building erected, the work of construction being done by contractor Brunett of Fond du Lac. Miss Adell Calhoun of Campbellsport is the teacher in charge. The school has an enrollment of 35 pupils.

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  1. Blacksmith was Ernst Haegler (spelling) grandfather. Great article.