Monday, December 14, 2015

Eden's Powerplant in 1913

This is another of the articles written about Eden, and published in The Reporter in 1913. 


Village of Eden has Modern Lighting Facilities

Miss O’Brien Heads Concern

System Has Given General Satisfaction Since Installation

The village of Eden has an electric light plant, the equipment of which is large enough to supply the village with all the electric conveniences it will need for sometime. The progressive spirit that has been in evidence for the past three years and resulted in the establishment of a bank, incorporation as a village and the street improvements has awakened the business men and citizens in general so that there is now a feeling among all that Eden is large enough to successfully launch any proposition that would mean the betterment of the village.  It was this sort of spirit that prompted the organizers of the light company to install the lighting system.

The concern is known as the Eden Electric Light company. Miss Kate O’Brien is president; Frank Sieloff, vice president and general manager; and Mrs. John O’Brien, secretary and treasurer. Dr. Thos. O’Brien of St. Nazianz, Manitowoc county, is also one of the promoters.

The plant is equipped with a 110 volt generator with storage batteries providing constant service. It is run by a huge gasoline engine. The plant is of large enough capacity to take care of the entire village and street lights can also be operated when the village is prepared to install such lighting system which will probably be within the course of a short time.

The plant was installed a few months ago and fifteen subscribers are now patronizing the company. New applications are being received. It is expected that soon the service will be general throughout the village. Those who are using the system are highly pleased with it and are predicting a bright future for the enterprise. There was much interest shown at the time of its installation and its successful operation is creating an abundance of enthusiasm. The promoters are also well satisfied with the encouragement and support that they are receiving from all sides and realize that there progressiveness is greatly appreciated.

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